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The new Alkimia project is a vine growing project and the elaboration of totally natural wines, using only organic products for the treatment of the vineyard and in the winery. We control the entire process in all its phases. The ecological subscriber improves soil conditions, contributes the nutrients necessary to obtain healthy plants and protect them from erosion, with the added advantage of being beneficial for the environment and wildlife. To fertilize we use compost that is a natural fertilizer produced from debris of organic matter. We also use organic vegetable waste such as grape marc and green grains that bury the grapevine as a fertilizer. In the photographs we can see how we spread the organic compost to the vineyard both manually with the cart and the tractor. As seen in the photographs in this plot we add 20,000 kg of organic fertilizers. On the part of the old vineyard of more than 45 years all the process has been done manually scattering the compost with carts and shovel.

The new vineyard we have planted has been made with a tractor in optimum conditions, that is, after preparing the land with a good organic fertilizer and after having rained. In the Alkimia study center, we consider that the development of the vineyard and the characteristics of the future wines that we will obtain will be different taking into account the composition of the soil. Given the percentage of slate (slate that is one of the characteristics of the D.O.Q Priorat) along with sand etc.

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The plow has multiple functions. One of them is to minimize the competition between the vineyard and another vegetation. With the plow of the soil we can improve the conditions of the soil. Partly because of its many functionalities and properties provided by these plow machines. One of the advantages is that the soil is kept in its best state, eliminating imperfections or weeds. In addition, a better porosity is achieved, which will help bring more oxygen to plants and thus grow more vehemently. It is also a solution to avoid the accumulation of water and thus eliminate these mishaps.

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We present with great enthusiasm and satisfaction the work that we have been carrying out in our Tremp and Secret del Temple wines, this year in pruning. As you know it has been a very hot year, but the quality has finally been very high, and the harvest has entered very healthy. There has been a small advance of pruning days. This year I have changed the pruning technique by applying biodynamic systems even though we do not have an official certificate.


Sulfur is currently a compound widely used in agriculture. It is accepted in organic crops and acts as an acaricide, fungicide and repellent, and among others it is used to avoid the shady or old that is a fungus that attacks all the herbaceous organs of the vine. To avoid them, they should always be soaked after having rained and never when temperatures are very high (+ 25 °). We use two types of sulfur (powder and wettable). The performance range of sulfur acts from 20 ° but it gives many problems from 30 °

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At the beginning of the plot of Alkimia it is 5 meters away, the Siurana river that is a source of life, with clean and crystalline water. The place where the Alkimia vineyards are located are an idyllic setting surrounded by the Montsant mountains in a peaceful and peaceful environment where guests who visit the winery can enjoy the sound of the ” Water from the river, in the song of the birds that are around our estate, and pure air. By night we will see a lot of stars because there is no pollution or pollution, no noise, or light. A paradise just 140 km from Barcelona.

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