A new generation of

Wine Producers

Alkimia is a project with a long experience in the world of the wine affairs since 1982. By now, Alkimia has three cellars.

In Alkimia our vineyards are ecological and biostables, with an ecostables cellars. All of our use energy comes about renewable energies, solar light and wind forces, including special reservoirs of pluvial water.

Our wine productions are very exclusives and limited, being for us a great pride to offer a great quality wines, which are elaborated with a lot of cure. With all this, we engorage you to taste our wines and enjoy of our project as a unforgettable experience.

Tastings & Tours

It is also an informative center of the wine culture, where our intention is to promote an intelligent consumption by continuously organizing tastings and pairings with our wines.

We strive to maintain tradition and craftsmanship, so that our customers express everything their senses notice when tasting our wines made with passion. All these activities are designed for lovers of good wine to find a pleasant place to enjoy unique and incomparable experiences.


Alkimia Club

At Alkimia we know that we have clients with very demanding and select palates. That is why we have created a private club where our customers will have access to much more detailed and specialized information about our wines.

In our Alkimia Club you can enjoy exclusive advantages, such as buying directly and advanced our wine bottles, buying an artisan barrel to see how the wine evolves inside it and then bottling it and bring it home.

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