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In Alkimia we have a great deal of environmental aspects.
Building and sustainable construction is one that tries to minimize the environmental impact of all the processes involved in a winery; from construction materials, construction techniques and location of the home. In addition, the impact that may have on the environment is taken into account.
At Alkimia we work in a healthy interior environment with a ventilation inside the winery. Besides, noise pollution is virtually null and virtually the only sounds we perceive are those of the birds and the one of the Siurana river that passes in front of our farm of the Priorat.
The orientations that our wineries have are very good, but a large percentage of the surface is underground, allowing moisture and temperature to remain practically constant throughout the year. In any case, we have insulating wineries that allow the differences between winter and summer and night-time temperatures to be minimal

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We recover the rainwater thanks to a special underground deposit that maintains the water in perfect conditions and then we take advantage of.
We have to take into account that water is a limited resource and that we should not waste anywhere, but in Priorat, which is an area with a very low annual rainfall level even less.
Water is also a fundamental element in the cellar, whether for the cleaning of machines, deposits, barrels, washbasins or watering the vineyards.

el pantano de siurana

The Siurana reservoir

In front of our farm in the Priorat, we have the Siurana river. The Siurana is a tributary of the Ebro, born in the mountains of Prades and crosses the Priory to empty into the Ebro.

It is a source of natural life for the territory, rich in flora and fauna and very special in our history and tradition.

On the other hand, lovely to look at.

In the photo below we have the river Siurana that passes in front of our facilities.

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energia eolica energia renovable

An organic winery is self-sustaining, that is, all its energy consumption depends on natural sources. The main way to achieve energy is solar energy and also wind energy. To illuminate the house, the sun is an essential agent and the machines used inside the cellar are low in consumption to reduce the total energy expenditure of the house.In the photograph on the right we can see the wind generator next to the Garnacha vineyards of 45 years and in the background magnificent views of the mountains of Montsant.

In the lower photograph, besides the solar plate you can appreciate the idyllic setting of the Priorat.

foto de placa energia renovable
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At Alkimia we are very aware of the management, reuse and recycling of all the waste generated. That’s why we use different special containers for this purpose. We currently recycle at a rate of 99.5%.

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At Alkimia Piorat we work every day to get top quality wines starting from the vineyards and pampering the wine until the exit of the winery. In Alkimia, despite being a small wine making warehouse, we carry out many research and development work to improve all processes.

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Due to the changing climatic conditions we have observed changes to the vintage date as the maturation process of the grapes was anticipated.
For this reason, we investigate whether it is a definitive tendency in which the vintage will be advanced each year or it will be timely and will stabilize naturally.
Within these measures is watering when the vine needs it as a water supply.
On the other hand, the effects of the temperature on the strains and the orientation of them are studied. We also study the density of plantation, that is, how many strains are introduced per hectare.

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PROMOTE the research and development of studies on healthy living habits, as well as research in all media and techniques likely to improve the quality of Mediterranean foods and varieties of Mediterranean cuisine.

PUBLISH AND DISSEMINATE scientific knowledge and research on the Mediterranean Diet as a key tool to contribute to the improvement of public health and community nutrition.

CREATE a committee of specialized technicians with specific functions in each case, as well as collaboration with other functions.

COLLABORATE with public or private organizations of recognized national or international scientific solvency.

STIMULATE the practice of a lifestyle based on the Mediterranean Diet, through behavior and diet based on their products.

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